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From Our Family to Yours

Bringing you ethically sourced, hand-picked crystals & decor.

Healing crystal towers from Divine Vibrations

Welcome and thank you for falling upon our page Divine Vibrations which is our beloved crystal, rock, mineral and fossil online shop.  We are located in Regina, Saskatchewan, that middle rectangular province in the heart of Canada. We specialize in providing the highest quality crystal home décor as well as fossils, raw specimens, tumbled, and everything in-between at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy.

Breanna and Rigel from Divine Vibrations

and have been loving every minute of our journey, the good the bad and the many eye dropping goodies we bring in for you all!

A little bit about us is that we have two little boys that light our world up and keep us on our toes, they personally love helping us unwrap all the crystals and sit there in awh as we open them. We recently got married in 2019 but have been with each other for 10 years, I was 17 and he was 19. Time sure did fly by, but I wouldn't have wanted another soul to partner with on this life journey then I do Rigel. We have dreamed together and overcome so many obstacles in the many years with one another and continue to shoot for the stars. 

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